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We’ve all been at a point where in we’re writing up test cases for our application and we encounter a static method from the java standard library being called. Everything goes downhill from there. Mockito would give you ambiguous error messages. Notice there is no reason shared as to why is it throwing a NullPointerException and this is at the time of mocking.

when I say FAANG, I mean Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, AirBnB etc.

I can understand if you don’t agree with me just yet. Stay on me for a bit, I’ll explain and by the end of this blog, I am quite sure you’ll be convinced. Now to test out my hunch, I actually put things into action, went out there and applied. Guess what? I got in, I recently started working with Amazon. That being said, In no capacity do I represent either of these big tech companies in this blog. This blog is my opinion only, and a tested one.

Now, I don’t want to trivialise the interview processes at these…

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An API is an Application Programmable Interface. It’s a critical piece and pretty much the standard now. You’ll see a lot of companies leveraging these APIs to deliver content or data to their users. They hold the business logic while the mobile apps (like android, iOS) contain information on how the data needs to be presented to the users.

The business is ever-growing and the market keeps changing. To keep up with the market demands companies need to keep pushing out new features or enhance existing features.

So what is the problem?

The mobile applications are installed on the user’s device, which means that to…

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Being a fresher is not easy and I agree with you a 100%. You’re not taken seriously, are often out skilled and mostly you have this pressure to match up to the team’s expectations of being able to carry your own weight.

What is blog is all about?
Well I am glad you asked, it’s about being able to level up quickly. Making meaningful relations and most importantly being able to be there for your team as quickly as possible, carrying your own weight and maybe help carry someone else’s too. If you’re new to a firm or starting a new…

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In a company, there are a lot of really cool software projects. The ones that’ll give you a lot of knowledge (and experience) but unfortunately you’re working on some other project and you can’t just switch, at least not until the current one is done. But what if I told you there is a way you can contribute to these projects and learn from the complexities without actually writing a single line of code? Let’s get on with it then.

Step 1: Find someone in need and reach out

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Now this is a sensitive topic because we all want to be recognized for our contributions and most importantly it troubles us when someone takes our credit or as the internet calls it “They stole my credit”.

As a fresh software engineer, I was new to this concept and when it happened to me, I am not going to lie I was taken aback. I never understood it right, never understood the reasons behind it.

It’s no big deal, it happens to everyone so get over with it ~ said the internet

And there it was, it started off as…

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A simple twitter search would reveal “Meetings” and “Commute” are the two most disliked things by software engineers. We all dislike meetings and commute maybe because we ending up loosing “a lot of tiny amounts of time” before, during, after and between them.

Voids in time

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We’ve all been here and sooner or later we’ll all land here again. But first what about this post? I don’t wear a white coat meaning I am not a doctor so this post is not really a prescription but what I am trying to do is putting out tips and cheat sheets that I’ve been using for almost 3 years now and each strategy I talk about has a particular scenario where it would be applied.
So lets jump right in.

What do I mean when I say efficient learning?

Well it’s rather abstract but to put in, I’d say learning skills for the long run not just…

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A Tech Enthusiast, develops software at Amazon, made a computer print “Hello World” once; didn’t leave software since. Such an obedient fella that computer 🖥️

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