The right mindset to write a powerful CV/Resume

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About the series

Mindset 1: Think of your CV as a piece of land

The cost per word on your CV goes very high. On your resume, the cost is even higher because there’s even less space as compared to a CV.

A good CV/resume would convey enough information in least number of words to convince the company that you’re worth calling for an interview.

Mindset 2: Remember to Diversify

Mindset 3: Think about impact you’ve created

Companies don’t hire employees for what they’ve done for other companies, in the past. They hire employees based on what they can do for them in the future.

Revolve your entire CV/resume around impact and you’ll never go wrong.

What if you don’t know the impact of your work?

A helpful framework from experts for highlighting Impact

Accomplished X, as measured by Y, by doing Z.

The next chapter in the series

A Tech Enthusiast, develops software at Amazon, made a computer print “Hello World” once; didn’t leave software since. Such an obedient fella that computer 🖥️